Thank you for your interest in
Impact Advertising Services.

Advertising Assistance, One Project At A Time!
We specialize in assisting businesses and ad agencies with their advertising needs on a per-project basis.This means we always go the extra mile on every project so you'll call us, again and again and again...

Budget-Conscious Pricing
Another advantage of Advertising Assistance, One Project At A Time is knowing exactly what each project will cost up front, with absolutely no surprises on the completed project billing.
We gladly provide estimates by the project, by the budget or by the hour. whichever you prefer.

Any Way You Want It
No big ad-guy egos here. We'll gladly share our advise and recommendations, but ultimately, you have to be elated about your advertising. We’ve been producing advertising long enough to realize that your satisfaction and deadline means everything. Whether your project requires imaginative, off-the-wall creations or conservative communications, we can handle them one (two or three) at a time... and on-time.