Why Impact?

We understand the real purpose of visual communication and how design should always motivate people to engage.

Our versatility in design and approach is unbeatable.

We have purposely avoided establishing a “style”.

     We’d rather design what consumers respond to, resulting in profitable ventures for all.

We’re curious, intuitive and focused, always striving for a solid understanding of every project’s expected goals.

Our knowledge of marketing and advertising guides my design decisions, resulting in getting it right the first time.

We design what the project needs, not what I want. No ego. No conflict. Just collaborative success.


From clients to vendors to co-workers…we continually strive for win-win results for everyone involved.

We believe there are no negative emotions in business, only lessons for improvement…resulting in solutions.

We love design and production equally (and illustration, logos, web design, photomanipulation, etc…!)